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Split, Croatia

Croatia has definitely become a hot spot over the past few summers , and given I’m living in London I thought it would be a good place to check out. It’s only a few hours flight from London to Split, so I went with a friend for a few days. Split was very touristy, more than I anticipated, but it was lovely. There are gorgeous beaches, old architecture, makes for a great long weekend trip.

We tried a few different restaurants all over the island. All of them were good enough, none of them were epic, but to be expected. As per my usual, we went to the grocery and picked up a few snacks to bring on the boat and with us to the beach. It makes it a bit more manageable when all the prices are hiked up for tourists. Plus, none of the food is particularly great, so you won’t be missing much.

We stayed in Split at an AirBnB. It was fine – nothing to write home about. During summer it’s just expensive to visit, and things book up quick! I would recommend booking your accommodation early to have the best options. We were pretty last minute, but it worked out well enough.

One day we took a boat to a few islands. I love a good boat trip, so spending the day on a speed boat and exploring the smaller islands was my perfect day. We used Providenca Charter and Travel, and they did a great job. The were incredibly friendly, accommodating and showed us so many beautiful hidden gems. As you’re traveling to the different islands, you get to see so many beautiful little spots. Even just the cliffs I saw were stunning. The contrast of the rocks against the ocean below and the green above. It’s magical.

They took us to Hvar, Vis, The Blue Cave, Ravnik Island, and Blue Lagoon. I’ve had some friends stay in Hvar and Vis, but it was a bit too much travel for a quick trip. And after seeing both those islands I think I did it right for me. Both those islands are much smaller, and if you just want to relax (or party) they’re perfect, but for exploring there’s not much to do or see beyond a few hours.

Blue Cave, Croatia

The highlights of the boat tour were the Blue Cave – it is just as spectacular as the pictures look – and Stiniva cove. Stiniva cove is only reachable by water, so you have to jump off the boat and swim there. It was rated the best beach in Europe a few years ago, and I totally understand why. It’s this tiny little cove, but because the boats don’t pull into it, it feels like a little retreat.

Our favorite beach in Split was Kasjuni Beach. There’s a beach club there with lounge chairs, food, and drink. Given it’s Europe, the beach was super rocky, but it was absolutely gorgeous. The cliffs with the greenery against the super blue ocean. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

If you’re looking for an incredible, easy weekend getaway, Split is the spot for that!

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