Isle of Skye
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Isle of Skye, Scotland

After living in London for over a year, I realized I have not explored any other bits of the UK. My good friend and I decided to go the Isle of Skye in Scotland for a few days this past week, and it was absolutely gorgeous. We took the train from London to Glasgow and rented a car to drive from there to the island. It was about a five and a half hour drive from Glasgow, but it’s a very pretty drive so not too bad. We stayed in Portree at a lovely B&B called the Caledonian Hotel. Whenever I have a wonderful stay at a hotel, it makes a huge difference in how I experience my trip. Dennis, the owner of the Caledonian Hotel, made our stay wonderful and it made me fall in love with Isle of Skye even more. It’s a simple B&B right in the center of town, plus a private car park, so it makes it all nice and easy. By the time we arrived on Wednesday, we were exhausted so just went to dinner around the corner at Caroy House. The food was good, but we were pretty hungry and the portions were a bit small for our bellies. We went to the Co-op grocery after dinner to pick up some dessert and ingredients for sandwiches the next day. There were a few places to stop for a bite along the way, but nothing that seemed great, so we thought sandwiches and snacks for the next day was a good choice.

Isle of Skye

After breakfast the next morning, we left the hotel around 8:30am. We decided to go a bit out of the way and head to the light house at Neist Point. It was about an hour from the hotel, but that’s mostly because the roads are so rough and narrow (many of them one way), so you have to drive rather slowly through. Along the drive we were meant to pass Dunvegan Castle, but we successfully missed that. When we arrived at Neist Point, we could not find a light house, but it was beautiful nonetheless. It’s one of the edges of the peninsula, so you’re surrounded by water on a beautiful green peak filled with cows and sheep. It’s truly a tremendous view.

From there we decided to do the Trotternish Loop. It’s one of the peninsulas in the Isle that has a lot of the popular sights, so we drove from Neist Point (again missing Dunvegan Castle) back to the Trotternish peninsula. We got a recommendation to do it counterclockwise as most people do it clockwise so not to hit traffic. I think either way would have been fine. The roads are so tight as it is, that if there was traffic on one side, many times the other side had to slow as well.

The first stop on the Trotternish Loop was Fairy Glen, and I think it was both of our favorite places. Dennis, from the B&B, had said if fairies ever existed, it would be at Fairy Glen – and he was right. It’s a green pasture for as far as you can see, with a small lake, and these ridges that make you feel like you’re in a different world. No description or pictures can do it justice. We walked through the glen a bit, just astonished by the greenery and the shapes of it.

Isle of Skye

After a bit of time there, we drove to Quiraing and tried to do the little hike, but it was rainy and incredibly windy, so we took a quick picture and went on our way.

The next stop was Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls. It was undoubtedly gorgeous, but it’s a tourist spot with buses of tourists that crowd the area. On the south end of Kilt Rock you can walk over and see Brother’s Point in the distance. Everyone crowds over Kilt Rock, but I actually thought the view from the south side was equally as gorgeous. After we left Kilt Rock we actually drove down a bit toward Brother’s Point and walked around. Next to Fairy Glen, this was my next favorite stop. Sadly, again there were buses of tourists, but not many of them walked too deep into it. It’s this magical point that goes out into the ocean, with bright green grass against the dark blue/grey sand into the water. The colors were so bright and distinct, it’s absolutely unforgettable.

Isle of Skye

By then, it was already close to four and we wanted to make it to Talisker Distillery before it closed. The distillery is the only whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye, so we were keen to see it. Sadly, there wasn’t much to see – it was pretty tacky and commercialized in our opinions. So we drove back into Portree to have dinner and enjoy our evening. The second night we went to Isle Inn & Pub in Portree, also a few doors down from the Caledonian. It’s a true pub, but I thought the food was really good. Plus, they have live music a few nights a week.

A few things we learned from our adventure: first, we were super happy we packed sandwiches for lunch along the drive. None of the restaurants seemed all that exciting, and given the number of tourists there was inevitably a wait. Even in Portree each night for dinner, I’d recommend making reservations beforehand, otherwise expect to wait at least thirty minutes – some restaurants had three hour waits!

Isle of Skye is a special place that still feels a bit untouched. It’s expansive greenery is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen and its hard to imagine another place like it.

Isle of Skye



  • Annick

    Meant Falls in the Isle of Skye looks beautiful. I hate getting to a spot and finding a bunch of tourists and buses. And great idea to pack lunch and avoid the wait.

  • Lisa

    What a beautiful post, and such stunning photos to match too. I’d love to see the Isle of Skye for myself, and witness the best of its nature. Fairy Glen looks like something straight out of a dream, and I love that there aren’t many people around either. Pure bliss!

  • amar singh

    I have lived in UK myself for 15 years now and not covered all of the island and Scotland. As you said there is so much to discover in Scotland and the Isle of Skye in definitely worth a visit for a few days. Lighthouse Neist point and Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls look absolutely stunning and a must visit. These are outstanding places to visit and ones I will look to cover on my trip.

  • Sinjana Ghosh

    Your blog gives me new travel goals. Does the Mealt Falls fall into the ocean? It’s unbelievable. I know the crowd sometimes takes away from the serenity of the place, but I loved each and every place you mentioned in your blog

  • Paula

    Absolutely beautiful country! And I definitely want to visit there soon. The nature there is just amazing, and I can just see why so many people love to visit there. The water fall… juts wow! I’m not big on whiskey or even beer, but just for the experience, I would like to visit some distilleries as well.

  • Jen

    We were at Isle of Skye last October with our kids (all under 6), and they thoroughly believed in all things fairy. Between the fairy glen and the fairy pools, they were hooked. I’m sad to hear of your time at the Quiraing, as it was absolutely the most beautiful place when we were there. But we had wind with a blue blue sky, so I can see how that can make a complete difference! (Glad to know we didn’t miss anything at the distillery!)

  • Clarice / Camping for Women

    Wow! That waterfall is magnificent. I can imagine myself starting myself at it the whole afternoon while enjoying the soothing sound of the water rushing down. This is such a paradise and a place where I really want to be in right now.

  • Yukti

    I love nature and therefore Scotland is high on my travel bucket list. It is great to know that this pretty island is at a 5.5 hours drive from Glasgow. Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls stop is really a gorgeous one and you have taken a stunning photo of it, though this area was full of tourists. It is good that you pointed out to pack some eating stuff with us, as there are not many exciting restaurants. Thanks for sharing!

  • Daniel

    Those views are simply stunning! The nature there is just amazing, and I can just see why so many people want to visit! Would love to visit one day

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