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Canary Islands, Spain

I went with my family to Tenerife, not expecting the best weather in early April, but we got pretty lucky. It was warm enough most days to lay by the pool, and while it was freezing, we even went into the ocean. We stayed on the south side of the island, and to be honest, we didn’t do much exploring. I had wanted to do some hiking while we were there, but it was nice to just completely relax and unplug.

One morning we went for a run along the water in Alcalá, which has gorgeous black sand beaches. The only other “activity” was going into San Juan town for really good dinners every night. The first night we went to Marsala, which is along the water and just opposite a pier. It was a gorgeous setting for dinner, and we ended up getting to watch the fisherman bring these enormous tuna from their boats to the pier. While the food was spectacular, watching cranes move these massive tunas from the boats was definitely the highlight. The second night we went to La Boca Rie, which is run by an adorable French couple and again enjoyed incredible, fresh fish. The last night we went to Jamón Jamón, which we were a little nervous about as none of us are huge meat eaters, but there was plenty of fish. I even had bacon wrapped dates, and they were delicious.

From London, it’s about a four hour flight to get to Tenerife, so it couldn’t be any easier. If you’re in need of a weekend of sun, I would definitely recommend it. I’d like to go back and do some hiking and paragliding. I’d also love to explore some of the other canary islands next time!

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  • Anu

    You guys in the west are always looking for warmer places while we in India are always looking for cooler places. Glad that you enjoyed the Canary Islands – I hope I will get to see it sometime.

  • Nicola

    There’s a time and a place for just unwinding and doing nothing and it sounds like this is the perfect place. I love these sorts of places for short breaks especially since the flights are easy and when I’m struggling to get time off work it’s perfect to just escape for a few days. Food sounds delicious as well.

  • Marcie

    Ugh. I’m so jealous you got to experience the Canary Islands! It’s been on my bucket list for years! I’ve love to gobble up all that food and just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Sounds like you were able to recharge.

  • Denny George

    Canary Islands seem quite interesting. I would love to see the tuna being transported as well. The seafood sounds delectable as well.

  • Swati

    Canary island is high on my list. We were planning to go last year but there were no direct flights from Dublin. Hopefully, we get to visit this year and glad the weather was good in early April and you had an amazing time.

  • Abhinav Singh

    This is exactly the kind of place I love exploring. Canary islands is just too beautiful! I am an outdoors enthusiast and I can imagine hiking and paragliding would be so exciting here! I am a vegetarian, so I just hope it is possible to find vegetarian food here.

  • Rhiannon

    My stepdad has been looking for a cheap and cheerful summer holiday for the family, and Tenerife keeps cropping up (one of the very few places that you can fly direct from Cardiff or Bristol!). I’ve always considered it an exclusively resort type country but reading this can totally see the appeal in just being there, going for runs and enjoying some good food!

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