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I had heard hiking in Slovenia was spectacular, so I convinced two friends to take a trip out to Slovenia. We flew in and out Ljubljana, so spent a night on each end of the trip there. I definitely recommend renting a car in Slovenia. It’s not expensive, it’s the same side of the street that I’m used to (driving on the right side), and the signs and roads make it an easy country to drive in. I’m sure it’s not that difficult to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled via public transportation, but it definitely made it easier and there were a few other spots we went that I’m not sure how else we would have gotten there.

The first night in Ljubljana we had dinner at Julija. It was really good. I had salmon and veggies and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. The next morning we got an early start out to Lake Bled. The first stop once we got there was Vintgar Gorge. I had only seen pictures, and it lived up to the pictures. You drive up to this little parking lot, pay a few dollars to enter, and then walk along this path for around 1.5km to the end. The water and the scenery were just spectacular. Being there in autumn, the foliage was the perfect contrast to the deep green water.

After the gorge we drove into Lake Bled to drop our stuff off at the hotel and hang before dinner. The first night we had dinner at Wine Bar & Restaurant Sova. It was good, but nothing to write home about. I found the food in Lake Bled very over priced and not really great. Except, the second day we had lunch at Public Bar & Vegan Kitchen Bled. It’s the random, vegan pub in the upstairs of a shopping mall. It was one of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had. If you go to Lake Bled, vegan or not, you should definitely eat there. It was reasonably priced and really good.

We spent the next day walking around Lake Bled. I did some yoga near the water. It was relaxing and pretty, and exactly what we were looking for.

We drove back to Ljubljana and had a half a day there before our flight. We got lunch and hung out at Zaziv Vegan Bistro, and then went to Robba (same owners as Julija) for dinner. Two really good meals before heading back to London!

If you’re into the outdoors and looking for a relaxing, easy trip – I’d recommend Slovenia. There are tons of hiking trails as well, which are meant to be incredible.


  • Mitali

    I might stand a chance to visit Slovenia this year but would have any time for hiking though… I really liked the idea of yoga by the lake… Maybe I can try that too

  • Soraya

    What a beautiful experience to have – I have heard Slovenia has some gorgeous hiking, so it’s great to read more about it. Good to know that it’s best to travel by car around Slovenia and that renting a car is not too expensive. I always worry about the street signage not being so clear, but also great that the signage is easy to understand. Doing Yoga by Lake Bled sounds ohhh-so relaxing, what a wonderful way to relax and enjoy its beauty.

  • Blair villanueva

    I rarely read blogs about Slovenia and sorry you didn’t enjoy the food. The lake looks gorgeous though. What’s the best season to visit Slovenia?

  • Indrani

    What a wonderful tour to do with friend! The food option with salmon sounds good. The water looks like liquid emerald. 🙂
    Slovenia is very much in my list of must visit.

  • Juliette S

    That first photo is just gorgeous! I keep seeing photos of Slovenia like yours and am wondering why I haven’t got myself there yet! Amazing to have been able to hike in this gorgeous location. The veggie burger sounds amazing and something for everyone to try! I’m big into the outdoors so will have to put Slovenia on the list.

  • Yukti

    Lake Bled from Slovenia is on my wish list since long. Lake Bled is really a photogenic place and it looks beautiful in every season. Autumn also looks beautiful in Slovenia. I am vegetarian, so I would love to have meals at Vegan Kitchen Bled. I would love to do all nature hikes in this beautiful place.

  • Archana Singh

    I have been dying to go to Slovenia. Last year, I almost made it there. I am determined to visit it this time. So glad to hear that renting a car in Slovenia is a good idea as it’s not an expensive affair and easy country to drive in. I’ll definitely do this.

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