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A bunch of us decided to go to Champagne in France on weekend, as it’s not that far from London. We left London Friday morning around 6:30am, took a bus to Dover, took the ferry from Dover to Calais, and then drove to Reims. It was a time consuming trek for sure, and I don’t recommend it. But, it was fine for a group of us on a budget. We were staying the weekend in Reims, so when we arrived we did a tour of Reims. It’s a cute little French town, but not much there.

Reims Cathedral

The next morning, we started off early at the most beautiful vineyard, Champagne Le Gallais.

This was probably my favorite Champagne house we went to. It was completely gorgeous and run by two women. If you are going to Champagne, you need to stop here. I don’t have the most sophisticated tongue for Champagne, but it tasted wonderful to me!

After that, we went to Champagne Philippe Brugnon. This was a Champagne maker, but no vineyard, so it was definitely a different feel. Then, we ended the day with a tour at Moet & Chandon. That’s the only Champagne I really knew before this trip, so it was really cool to see, but it was very corporate feeling after the two boutique houses we had been to earlier in the day.

Sunday we went to Taittinger for a tour, which was a smaller version of Moet & Chandon. I’m happy we went, but again a bit of a corporate feel. After that we headed back to Calais, to Dover, to London. We got back around 6pm, which was another long trip, but a fun adventure nonetheless.

We used Grape Escapes for the logistics of the trip. They didn’t do much in terms of guiding us around, but they set up the bus and the Champagne house visits. It was fine, but I’m sure all of the companies are fairly similar.

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