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Eurostar runs promotions every few months, making it super cheap to take the train around Europe. We took the Eurostar from London to Bruge (changed trains in Brussels) for a little weekend getaway. To be honest, I didn’t  know much about Belgium, except for my chocolate eating knowledge, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. For a change,  I didn’t plan out every moment of the trip and figured I would go with the flow of what the others wanted to do.

We ended up switching onto the wrong train in Brussels, so it took us a bit longer to get to Bruge than we anticipated. Once we got there we walked into town and had lunch in the tavern at Brugse Zot Brewery. I was trying to come up with a beer comparison, like Brugse Zot is to Belgium as Bud Light is the America – but I don’t know if that’s accurate. All I know is that Brugse Zot is a super popular beer there and it’s brewed in Bruge.

After lunch we naturally went chocolate shopping. There was even a chocolate festival in town. I kept saying I was buying chocolate to bring back to my friends, but in reality I just kept eating it.

There are canals that run through the city and little thirty minute boat tours that show you the city via the canals, so we did one of those. It was like ten euros a person and definitely worth it. It was so pretty to explore the city on the water.

We had an AirBnB in Brussels that night, so we took the train back to Brussels, which is just a little over an hour, and had a quick dinner. Naturally the others went out, but I got myself  a good nights sleep so I could explore Brussels the next day. We started our touring at the Grand Palace, the main city square. If you’ve been to a bunch of European cities, it’s not extremely different, but this square is surrounded by beautiful 14th century buildings.

From there we walked around the different streets to the Manneken Pis, which is the oddest thing. It’s a statue from the 17th century of a small boy peeing. I’m not totally sure why, but it’s like the Eiffel Tower of Brussels. There were masses standing around taking pictures of it. It mostly just made me uncomfortable, so I decided it was time for fries. We tried frits at a few different places, each time with different sauces. I’m a lover of fries, but I like mine thin and crispy, which they are not in Belgium. We also tried a few Belgian waffles. I don’t have the most sophisticated palate for waffles, but they tasted good to me!

And that was it. We took the train back to London that night, a little over two hour ride. It was a great, quick weekend trip. Bruge is an adorable, small European city, and if you have time I’d definitely recommend taking a day trip there. And, Brussels was also a really pretty European city if you’re looking for a place to explore and have some beers.


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