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Whistler, Canada


I’m very new to skiing, but when my friend told me she was getting a group together to go to Whistler I couldn’t say no. I knew Whistler was supposed to be gorgeous, and I enjoy skiing.

We flew into Vancouver and drove to Whistler late Thursday night, which was an adventure navigating the mountain road in the dark. Eventually we made it there and were exhausted. We stayed in an AirBnB in the Whistler Ski Village. The ski village in Whistler is adorable. There are tons of shops, restaurants, and bars, so it’s fun to walk around for a bit.

The first morning we had breakfast at The Green Moustache, which was an organic, gluten + dairy free haven (naturally I made us go there for breakfast every morning). And then we were off to the slopes!

I’m not the strongest skier, but my friend said she would help me, so I naively followed her up the chair lift. She took me to what I believe was the top, and it was a complete white out. You couldn’t see a thing, except for a caution sign about avalanches. Needless to say, I was terrified. My friend went flying down the mountain, and I more or less tumbled most of the way down.

After that it was all greens and blues for me! After a few hours of skiing, we were reading for some apres ski. We went to a bar at the bottom of the mountain around 2pm, and it was already packed. There were tons of people, the energy was amazing, and we had a blast. It was a great chance to hang out and enjoy Whistler with a fun crowd. We grabbed a quick dinner at Sachi Sushi that night before we went to a few bars. The sushi was phenomenal and not particularly expensive. If you love sushi, it’s definitely worth going to!

The next day was a bit of a struggle. My body was feeling all of my tumbles down the mountain, so I decided to go snowshoeing. I had only gone down the Whistler side of the mountain, so I wanted to snowshoe the Blackcomb side and explore a  bit of the wilderness. I went snowshoeing with Canadian Wilderness, for about $90 they took five of us up the mountain to explore. It was such a fun adventure. It was like hiking, but through untouched, massive snow. It was gorgeous and allowed me to see a whole different side to the area.

I had heard Lost Lake was supposed to be beautiful, so I wanted to stop by there before I left. All of the pictures I had seen were during summer months, which are pictures of a deep blue lake with stunning mountains in the background. I didn’t fully think it through, but I was there in the middle of winter, so of course the lake would be frozen. I walked through the trails of Lost Lake Park for an hour or so, and then made my way to the lake. It indeed was frozen, but beautiful nonetheless.

Our trip to Whistler was a blast. Whistler is such a gorgeous place to go for a weekend, and there is tons to do beyond skiing. I definitely recommend it if you’re on the look for a new place to explore!

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