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Nairobi, Kenya


I absolutely love Nairobi. I think it’s such a cool city, in the heart of Africa. So many big companies (Barclays, McKinsey, etc.) have offices there, yet it’s still very much an African city. The dynamic is spectacular and really speaks to me. I went to Nairobi to work with a non-for-profit for a few weeks, but I was lucky enough to see some Nairobi highlights while I was there.

I took a day to do some fun animal visiting. First we went to an elephant orphanage. It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever done. I am vehemently anti-zoo, but this elephant orphanage rescues and rehabilitates elephants at risk.

The elephants come toward the feeding area for meals each day, but have acres and acres to roam. This elephant sanctuary is a must see while in Nairobi. Make sure you’re on time, because the elephants are only around to watch during lunch time!

The second place I went to visit was the Giraffe Manor.

This is technically a boutique hotel with giraffes roaming around the property, but I just went to the visitor side to feed the giraffes for a bit. This felt a little bit like a zoo, in the sense that people are coming just to watch. But again, the giraffes have acres upon acres to roam, they just know that we will feed them if they come over to this hut. Selfishly, this was super fun to interact with the giraffes so closely. I think this is another must see if you’re in Nairobi. And, if you can swing it – I definitely recommend staying at the manor for a night or two!

The last place we stopped was the Nairobi Safari Walk & the Orphanage. This was pretty much a zoo, and I think can be skipped. The Safari Walk part was mostly under construction when I went, but I got to see a beautiful sunset from the part that was open. If you have extra time, might be worth doing the walk, but the orphanage is truly just a zoo, sadly.

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