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I went with my family to Hawaii for ten days, and it was magical. I had been dying to go to Hawaii for years, and it didn’t disappoint. We went to Maui first and stayed in Wailea, the southwestern part of the island, and literally everything was stunning.

The first few days we just relaxed by the pool and walked along the ocean. Every night we explored a bit for dinner. You can get incredible fresh fish at every restaurant, which is perfect for my family. Our favorite was Mama’s Fish House, but we enjoyed all the restaurants we went to (Morimoto Maui, Monekypod, Mala). We didn’t make it to our whole list (Merimans, Pollys, Hali’imaile General Store, Gazebo, Kehei Cafe), because literally everywhere has really delicious, fresh food.

I needed a break from relaxing by the pool, so I went surfing at Kalama Beach. I had surfed a few times in Australia before, but I definitely needed the repeat lesson. It was so much fun, but by the end I was looking forward to relaxing by the pool the next day. On the way home, i stoped by a local poke spot that the instructors recommended.

One day we went to the Haleakala Volcano. You wake up around 4am and a bus takes you to the top of the summit to watch the sunrise. Everyone said to wear layers because its freezing up there (3,055m), but we were in Hawaii so I didn’t believe it could be that cold. I was very wrong. It was frigid and windy, but the beautiful sunrise was definitely worth it. I have never seen such a clear, spectacular sunrise like that. And then you ride bikes 23 miles back down the volcano. It’s pretty steep, so you go incredibly fast, but I think that makes it extra fun. This was a long day, but one of the best things we did while in Maui.

I went to Oahu for the day to go to a yoga conference. The yoga conference was just okay, but the trip was incredible. I got a car and drove from the airport to the northern most tip of the island. It was a little over an hour drive along either the eastern or western coast (I did one on the way the and the other on the way back). The road trip was the most gorgeous adventure. I ended up stopping every twenty minutes to take pictures of the beaches, the surfers, and just put my feet in the water.

We attempted to do the Road to Hana, but it was a big commitment, so we didn’t make it that far. I commit to doing it next time I’m in Maui, but the driving was immediately treacherous so we stopped. My friends have told me it’s only three hours, filled with waterfalls, black and red sand beaches, plus the Seven Sacred Pools, so hopefully next time! Another high priority for me for my next Maui trip is to go into Lahaina. We drove through it on our way to the Road to Hana, but we didn’t stop. It’s just a cute little town with restaurants, artist shops, and galleries, so next time I’d like to walk around and have dinner there.

Then we went to the Big Island for a few days before heading back home. The Big Island is gorgeous, and it was a lot less built up than Maui. One highlight was Ululani’s Shaved Ice (also in Maui). I thought I had eaten shaved ice as a kid, but this was different. It’s almost like ice cream it’s so creamy and delicious.

There are so many more islands I want to see, and I would go back to Maui in a heartbeat. I have done a fair amount of travelling, but Maui was easily one of the best places I’ve been. The ease of travel within the island, the food, the weather; it made for a spectacular vacation.

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